Planning & Building Regs Approval

Taking the pain out of Planning & Building Regs Applications

Miracle Span's Planning & Building Regs Approval Services are offered through our partner architects who will take the pain out of the processes for you.  Our service is a fast, efficient option using experienced professionals to keep your costs to a minimum. 

You will probably need both Planning Approval as well as Building Regs Approval in place before you start your steel building project.

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How Planning Approval Works ..

Most buildings need planning permission from your local authority.

There are 2 types of planning applications:

  • Minor – less than 1000m2 – usually takes about 8 weeks
  • Major – more than 1000m2– usually takes about 13 weeks

The planning application will need to specify what your building will be used for and whether it will be heated.  Other factors for example drainage and car parking provision will also need to be addressed.

Once your planning application is approved, your local authority will issue a planning certificate that may specify the conditions for your planning approval.  This will typically cover the materials to be used and the colour of the building.

What is Building Reg Approval?

Building Control makes sure the technical design of your building meets current building regulations and takes account of the foundation design and technical performance of the structure.

Approval for Building Regulations requires submission of the following documents relating to your proposed building:-

  • General Arrangement drawings
  • Material specification
  • Structural calculations

Once Building Control have confirmed the design of your building meets building regulations a plan approval certificate will be issued.

Building Control officers will then visit your site on completion of the foundation and at various stages of the building to make sure your building project complies with the approval certificate.  Once all checks are done by Building Control and your building is complete a completion certificate will be issued.

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