Steel Building Kits for self build

We supply a range of quality self build steel building kits for self-assembly or for assembly by your own installers. Our experienced advisors will work with you on your building design so your finished building will meet your needs. 

We will provide you with a base plan and a full set of general arrangement drawings for your approval before your building is manufactured, so your finished building arrives exactly as anticipated.

Detailed Assembly Package

Each Self Build kit steel building comes with details for assembly by competent individuals. 

To help you to assemble your building you will receive;

  • A base plan to help you lay the foundation for your building.
  • A full set of construction drawings specific to your building, showing the location of each steel member, its mark and its length.
  • Detailed drawings with exploded detail of connections and brackets and where they are used to assemble the steel frame.
  • Installation guides on how to fix insulated or single-skin cladding, whichever you have chosen for your building.
  • Bills of materials so you can make sure you have all component parts before you start your installation.
  • An information sheet containing useful advice to make your building assembly as easy as possible.
  • In addition, Miracle Span’s experts are always on hand if you need any further advice on your self build kits.

Advantages of Miracle Span Self Build Kits:

  • Made in the UK from quality, high-tensile cold rolled steel
  • Designed to incorporate a fully bolted steel frame
  • Pre-galvanised to prevent rust 
  • Fully bolted throughout for a strong, durable frame
  • Built incorporating anti-sag bars to prevent frames weakening due to fatigue
  • Free from internal steelwork – giving a clear, open, usable space
  • Made using load-bearing C sections for door posts & header beams
  • Built incorporating anti-sag bars to prevent frames weakening due to fatigue
  • Provided with unique drip flashing to help prevent water ingress
  • Supplied with a base plan with point & weight loadings for your foundation design
  • Supplied with structural frame calculations specific to your building & your site
  • Suitable for your choice of single skin or composite insulated cladding

We also supply a range of MiracleLite cold-rolled steel buildings and Miracle Portal buildings which can be assembled throughout the UK by our professional installation team.

Self Build Kit Building | Miracle Span Steel Buildings

"Very pleased, very nicely made Miracle Span Building, highly recommended."

Ducati, Coventry

"Thanks Miracle Span for the help with our building.  It was easy to put up, a bit like Meccano, and if I was in any doubt you were there on the phone with helpl.  Here's apic of the building a year later - still like new."

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Steel Kit Buildings | Miracle Span Steel Buildings

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