Foundations & Groundworks

We offer a wide range of services to help you with the groundworks and foundations for your steel building project.

With our vast experience with steel frame structure foundation, we can also support with insulated slabs, power floated concrete finishes and allow for any inspection pits, recesses or internal services within the design to suit your building requirements.

steel frame structure foundation | Miracle Span

Foundation slab design

As well as the structural calculation package provided with each building, we can provide a civil foundation slab design, reinforced concrete drawings, bending schedules and drainage assessments for your site.

We can also carry out any site investigation (geotechnical) reports that may be required, including ground bearing pressure assessments, CAT scans and underground site services checks.

Foundation Types

We can provide the following foundations for your steel frame building to accommodate your building specification and site conditions;

  • simple pad-stone
  • ring beam or 
  • complete concrete base

Using our expertise we will provide connection detail specific to your building design and supply a tailored perimeter drip flashing detail to prevent water ingress.

We can review the foundation loads (including moments derived from the fire boundary condition effects) to consider any boundary conditions.

We can also produce an in-house fire boundary check report using the Boundary Condition BRE 187 method.

Our installation team can excavate to reduced levels, remove all soils, prepare and compact a sub-base, DPM, Mesh and ensure site clearance and assist with any site preparation ready for concrete pour.

We can also incorporate dwarf walls into the design, plinths and assist with the perimeter hardcore for the build.

Inclusive Costs

Our costs for your steel frame structure foundation will always include allowances for all plant, professional labour, materials, method statements, risk assessment, design work, structural slab calculations and drawings for submission to your Building Control Officer/Local Authority.

Building Control

We will provide you with detailed structural calculations and a base plan drawing showing point/weight loadings & column locations for your groundworks. We strongly advise customers not to proceed with foundations and groundworks until these drawings have been received.

Steel Frame Structure Foundation

Our hot-rolled, Miracle Portal buildings come complete with site-specific wax cones and bolts. For our steel frame structure foundation, we can adjust the steel length below the Finished Floor Level to suit site conditions. 

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