Miracle Portal Prefabricated Steel Workshop

Workshop Building

Eurac contacted Miracle Span in December 2012 looking for a prefabricated steel workshop of approximately 800 m² for use as a machine shop at their premises in Poole, Dorset.

Miracle Span immediately provided a quotation for a portal frame building in cold rolled steel with composite insulated cladding of 100mm for the roof and 80mm for the walls. The dimensions of the building were 18 metres wide x 6 metres high to eaves x 45 metres long.

The next step was to arrange for Eurac to view a building that Miracle Span had erected and our representative arranged for Mr Wren of Eurac to visit a MiracleLite building of a similar size. Mr Wren was very impressed with Miracle Span’s building and the Company’s professionalism and decided to place an order.

Eurac handled their own planning application, which was granted in early April 2013, and they lost no time in ordering their building which was erected by our professional assembly team in May/June 2013.

Please see Eurac’s testimonial featured on this site to see how pleased they are we the finished product!