The Benefits of Steel Buildings for Schools and Colleges

Miracle Span have many years’ experience in the design and installation of economical, durable storage solutions for schools and colleges across the UK.   We’ve supplied many buildings to this sector over the years, ranging from buildings for nursery schools to store play equipment, to buildings to store sports equipment as well as caretakers’ buildings for the secure storage of maintenance and greenkeeping equipment.

MiracleLite School Storage Building

MiracleLite School Storage Building


Steel buildings can also provide an excellent temporary solution for the duration of planned repair work or renovations,  or as an emergency measure following fires, flood or storm damage. Many schools and colleges invest in steel buildings to provide additional equipment storage as a result of surges in student numbers.

Whether they’re looking to expand their facilities, or if they simply require a safe and reliable storage solution, there are many advantages for schools and colleges who choose steel buildings:

  1. Cost Effective – Steel buildings are much more affordable than other, more traditional building varieties. This is perfect for the educational sector, where institutions are often required to operate on extremely tight budgets.
  1. Speed of Service – Steel buildings are easy to transport and can be assembled quickly with minimum disruption.
  1. Extensive Choice – We offer a range of cladding options to provide as much insulation or fire resistance as is required. We even offer a choice of colours, enabling schools and colleges to install buildings that match their existing structures.
  1. Total Flexibility – If space is an issue, or if a standalone building is not required, we can simply help you to expand your current facilities. We can design lean-tos to connect new structures to existing structures.

If you need a steel building for your school or college, we can design a completely bespoke solution to meet your precise requirements. For more information, or for a free quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01507 358 974, or email