Steel Building Frame designed to suit site conditions

Industrial Steel Buildings and Sustainability

Industrial Steel buildings lead the way for sustainable construction

An industrial steel building is an environmentally friendly choice.

Less natural resources will be used in it’s manufacture (compared to a more traditional structure) and the steel building envelope, which consists of a steel frame and steel cladding, is widely recyclable.

Quick and safe construction

  • Steel building components are factory made to exacting standards meaning less waste is created
  • Steel has a high strength : weight ratio making it relatively lightweight to handle and economical to transport
  • Steel buildings are proven to be safer to construct than traditional structures
  • Steel buildings have a quick turnaround allowing a quicker return on investment from plan to finished project

Steel is infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality

Improvements in manufacturing methods have reduced the energy required in the steel making process by approximately 50% helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Your industrial steel building will amost certainly contain some recycled steel and what’s more, at the end of its life it can be recycled again, making it truly sustainable.

For more information on sustainable steel buildings visit The Steel Construction info website.


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