Greenkeeping building for golf club

Steel Buildings for Golf Courses for Greenkeeping Equipment

Steel buildings are excellent for use for storage of golf course greenkeeping and maintenance equipment and as storage buildings for sports fields.

Miracle Span has provided many Golf Clubs across the UK with storage buildings, some of which have incorporated mezzanine floors so the buildings are divided between storage and office space.

MiracleLite Steel Building for Golf Club with mezzanine

MiracleLite Steel Building with mezzanine floor used by golf club for storage of greenkeeping equipment and offices.

Buildings can be tailored to suit your requirements including a choice of roller shutter or double personnel doors and window frames.

Buildings used purely for storage can be built using economical single skin panels and insulated panels can be incorporated if the building is to incorporate office space.

So what makes steel buildings ideal for Golf Clubs?

  • Only shallow foundations are needed.
  • They can be relocated if required.
  • They are easy to transport and can be assembled quickly with minimum disruption.
  • A range of cladding options is available in a choice of colours to blend in with surrounding area.
  • Steel buildings are more affordable than traditional buildings.
  • Lean-tos can be designed to connect new structures to existing structures if required.

If you need a steel building for your golf or sports club, we can design a completely bespoke solution to meet your precise requirements. For more information, or for a free quote call us on 01507 358 974, or email