Steel Building Frame designed to suit site conditions

Steel building design – one size doesn’t suit all!

Steel building Design – When buying a steel building one size definitely doesn’t suit all!

Steel buildings must be designed to suit a particular site.  Various critical factors must be taken into account to ensure buildings meet current European standards for steel buildings.

These factors include :-

  • The average wind speeds & snow loadings of the site
  • The altitude of the site
  • The distance of the site from the sea

Location really does matter

A building 12 metres wide x 15 metres long which is designed to meet site conditions in the city of Southampton (with an approximate wind loading of approx 22 metres/second) will most certainly not be suitable for assembly in a countryside location near the coast in North East England (with an approximate wind loading of approx 25 metres/second).

You should always be asked for accurate details of your site location

For this reason reputable suppliers will always ask where you intend to locate your new steel building.  A post code is perfect, or if it’s a new site that hasn’t been allocated a post code yet, you will need to provide as much information as possible on the location of your new building and/or the post code for a nearby site.

Only once these details have been established is it possible to determine the steels required to make a building which is structurally safe for your site in accordance with calculations provided by a qualified structural engineer.

Beware of quotes for buildings ‘subject to calculations’

It’s easy to quote a cheap price for a building, but if that building isn’t suitable for your site it’s no use whatsoever.  Be wary of prices that are quoted ‘subject to calculations’ as these prices can often increase substantially once your particular site location and conditions are taken into account.

Ask for a site survey

It’s always a good idea to ask a building supplier to visit your site before placing an order.  Specific site conditions can be discussed and taken into account so a firm price can be agreed which shouldn’t increase significantly unless changes are made to site before the building is due to be constructed.

Full Design Calculations & Declaration of Performance Certificate

On receipt of an order reputable steel building suppliers will be able to supply full engineering calculations for submission for building control approval.

A Declaration of Performance will also be required to certify that the structural steel for the frame of a steel building meets the CE standard.


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