Scout huts & club buildings

MiracleLite steel buildings make a perfect solution for scout huts and club buildings.  From scout huts to golf clubs to yacht clubs, we’ve supplied them all!


Affordability is key to many clubs and MiracleLite buildings offer great value for money as well as speedy construction.  This means your building is ready to use quickly, often after a drawn out fundraising effort!


Whether it’s a simple storage building for your club’s equipment to an insulated club house, we have the building for you.

Miraclelite buildings can be designed to meet your club’s exact requirements.

Insulated Energy Efficient Club Houses or Single Skin Storage Buildings

Cladding thicknesses can be varied and colour finishes can be chosen to fly your club’s colours, or you may prefer a subtle hue to blend in with natural surroundings.


Scout hut finished in green to blend in with surroundings

Scout hut finished in green to blend in with surroundings








Help & Advice

We’ve supplied many buildings over the years for scout groups, boxing clubs, social clubs and yacht clubs so why not give us a call on 01507 358 974 or email to discuss your building project today.