Steel Building Frame designed to suit site conditions

Steel building Design – When buying a steel building one size definitely doesn’t suit all! Steel buildings must be designed to suit a particular site.  Various critical factors must be taken into account to ensure buildings meet current European standards for steel buildings. These factors include :- The average wind speeds & snow loadings of […]

Steel Framed Buildings & Fire Regulations UK Building Regulations require steel framed buildings to maintain structural stability when exposed to fire. Regulations vary between UK Countries but generally a steel framed building is required to retain its load bearing capacity for a reasonable time to allow occupants of the building to escape. The regulations vary […]

MiracleLite Engineering Workshop for Eurac Group

Steel buildings & changes in Building Regulations 2014 New steel buildings are subject to changes in Part L2A Building Regulations that came into effect on 6th April 2014.  The regulations introduce further measures to conserve fuel and power. Improvements in CO2 Emissions CO2 emissions for new buildings (other than dwellings) are required to be further […]

Here’s a simple overview of CE marking on steel framed buildings and an explanation of the effects the new legislation will have on building kits in the UK  :- What is CE Marking? From 1st July 2014 all fabricated steelwork supplied in the UK will need to be CE marked according to the Construction Products […]

Mezzanine Floor For Office Space

It is now widely acknowledged that steel buildings offer a range of advantages including cost, speed of construction as well as many sustainability benefits.   But in today’s challenging marketplace, where every penny counts, many companies are missing the opportunity of utilising space in their buildings effectively. A Mezzanine floor can almost double usable space! By […]

MiracleLite Engineering Workshop for Eurac Group

Snow, Ice and Steel Buildings Snow and ice can become a real problem for steel buildings as the roofs of buildings have to suddenly cope with enormous extra strain caused by the additional weight. During the winter of 2009/10 it is reported that over 1,000 farm buildings collapsed in Scotland under the weight of snow […]

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Why choose a pre-fabricated steel building? Speed of Assembly If you’re considering a new building project, pre-fabricated steel buildings are certainly worth considering as they’re so quick to erect. Without the need for deep foundations or heavy equipment it’s possible to go from bare site to finished building within a few weeks! Value for Money […]

Commercial Building Cladding - Choice of cladding

Here are Miracle Span’s recommendations for 10 things to consider when buying a steel building :- Spend some time thinking about exactly what you need your steel building to do for you – if you’re clear about this you’re less likely to be talked into buying extras you don’t really need. Decide whether you want […]