Mezzanine Floor For Office Space

Mezzanine floors – maximise the space in your steel building

It is now widely acknowledged that steel buildings offer a range of advantages including cost, speed of construction as well as many sustainability benefits.   But in today’s challenging marketplace, where every penny counts, many companies are missing the opportunity of utilising space in their buildings effectively.

A Mezzanine floor can almost double usable space!

By incorporating a mezzanine floor in your building design you can almost double the usable space.  Many solutions utilise the ground floor for storage whilst partitioning the first floor for use as office space.

Mezzanines can be added to existing steel buildings

A mezzanine floor can also be incorporated into existing steel buildings quickly and easily, causing a minimum of disruption to business activities and can be extended to grow with the needs of an expanding business.

Building regulations

All mezzanines require building regulation approval and in some instances planning permission will also be required, particularly where the first floor is to be used as a work space or where the external look of a building will be altered (by adding windows or a fire escape for example).  A new building regulation application is required if a mezzanine is dismantled and re-erected.

The UK Government’s planning portal website gives comprehensive advice on building regulations which apply to mezzanine floors under the following approved documents which can be downloaded free of charge.

Mezzanines will often need to be designed to incorporate a fire rating to comply with building regulations. Fire safety for mezzanines for storage can be download at Building Regulations Part B (Fire Safety) page 71, section 7.7.

Contact your local authority who can deal with your building regulation application.

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