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Why choose a pre-fabricated steel building?

Why choose a pre-fabricated steel building?

Speed of Assembly

If you’re considering a new building project, pre-fabricated steel buildings are certainly worth considering as they’re so quick to erect. Without the need for deep foundations or heavy equipment it’s possible to go from bare site to finished building within a few weeks!

Value for Money

Prefabricated steel buildings are affordable, allowing you to realise your plans for a new building without massive financial outlay. Miracle Span offers competitive financing which can help to spread the cost over a manageable period.

Sustainability & Environmentally Friendly

Steel buildings are the environmentally friendly building option. Steel can be infinitely reused without any loss in quality & over 60% of new steel is made from recycled steel.

Lightweight and easy to transport, prefabricated steel buildings also help the environment by saving on fuel & transport costs when compared to traditional buildings or even portal framed steel structures.

For more information on Miracle Span’s sustainable steel buildings visit our website at www.miraclespan.co.uk or call us on 01507 358974 email sales@miraclespan.co.uk.