CE Marking on Steel Buildings – a simple overview

Here’s a simple overview of CE marking on steel framed buildings and an explanation of the effects the new legislation will have on building kits in the UK  :-CE_Symbol

What is CE Marking?

From 1st July 2014 all fabricated steelwork supplied in the UK will need to be CE marked according to the Construction Products Regulations or CPR.  The CE mark will look like this ……

What does the CE Mark Mean?

The CE mark certifies that steelwork meets the required EU standards.   Checks and controls will be required during manufacture and certificates issued for steelwork certifying compliance with the requirements of a harmonised technical specification.

The Trading Standards Authority will enforce the CE marking scheme in the UK and severe penalties are threatened for any companies supplying steelwork that does not bear the appropriate marking.

How will CE Marking apply to Steel Buildings?

CE marking should be present on all steelwork delivered to site from 1st July this year.  This will apply to any steel framework within a building kit.

Does the steelwork for agricultural buildings need to be CE marked?

CE marking is required for buildings for agricultural use.

Will CE marking have any other implications?

The introduction of CE marking will require that all buildings are designed to meet Eurocodes instead of British Standards.  All steel building kits will be designed to EN1993-1-3:2006 (EC3) and a Declaration of Performance will be required to certify that the structural steel for the frame of a steel building meets the CE standard.

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For more detailed information on CE marking visit www.steelconstruction.info/CE_marking.