CDM regulations & steel building projects

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CDM Regs & Steel Building Projects

From April 2015 CDM regulations have changed…

To find out whether you need to appoint a CDM co-ordinator for your steel building project review the checklist :-

To comply with current CDM regulations all projects must have…..

  • Workers with the right experience and training
  • Contractors to provide supervision & information
  • A written construction plan

When more than one contractor is employed on a project :-

  • A principal & a principal contractor must be employed
  • A Health & Safety file must be prepared

For projects lasting more than 30 working days employing more than 20 people OR lasting for more than 500 days :-

  • The client must ensure HSE are notified of the project.

For more information visit the HSE website

Clarification for all duty holders (clients, principle designers, principle contractors, designers, contractors and workers) can be found and explained in the Approved Code of Practice which simplifies the CDM Regs 2015


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