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10 Things to consider when buying a steel building

Here are Miracle Span’s recommendations for 10 things to consider when buying a steel building :-

  1. Spend some time thinking about exactly what you need your steel building to do for you – if you’re clear about this you’re less likely to be talked into buying extras you don’t really need.
  2. Decide whether you want your building to be permanent or temporary – some steel  buildings can be easily relocated.
  3. Decide what size your new steel building needs to be – you’ll need a good idea of the width, length and inside clearance required to get a realistic price.
  4. Decide how many doors and windows you need in your building and what sizes they need to be – you’ll need to think about door clearance so your plant and equipment can access.
  5. Consider whether your building will need to be insulated – in most cases steel buildings will need insulating unless they are used for general storage.
  6. Think about your preferences for style and colour of building – it’s advisable to opt for a type of building that will fit in with surrounding structures.
  7. Contact your local planning department to find out whether you’ll need planning permission – an informal chat with your planning department can often set you on the right path and advise what you’ll need to take into account, for example whether your proposed site is subject to flooding.
  8. Decide whether you want to assemble your own building or get a contractor to do it for you – you’ll need to consider whether you have the skill and experience needed to take on the project.  If you decide to use a contractor, it’s worth spending a bit more to be sure they are health & safety compliant – erecting steel buildings can be dangerous in untrained hands.
  9. Think about how you’ll finance your steel building project – going to your bank for loan is usually the first port of call, otherwise check out financing options carefully.
  10. Take a look at similar steel buildings near you and follow up references before selecting your supplier – there’s no recommendation like word of mouth.

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