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Steel Framed Buildings

MiracleLite Buildings

Lightweight prefabricated buildings available with insulation or single skin cladding available in sizes from 3 metres to 22 metres wide and up to 6.5 metres to eaves. Read More

Miracle Portal Buildings

Traditional prefabricated buildings available in various building sizes with a choice of cladding options. Read More

MiracleQube Buildings

Budget prefabricated buildings available in widths from 4 - 6 metres wide with a height of 2.5 metres to ridge. Read More

Miracle Span offers a choice of steel framed buildings or portal framed buildings which are designed to suit your individual requirements and budget.

Portal frame is the building envelope

The steel frame or portal frame is the envelope that supports the building structure and is made up of vertical columns, rafters and bracing.

Miracle Span supplies portal frame buildings made from cold rolled or hot rolled steel.  The type of portal frame suitable for your project is determined by the complexity of design and the dimensions of the building.

Lightweight Portal Frame Buildings

Our MiracleLite buildings are classed as lightweight portal frame buildings and are made from cold rolled steel.

 Hot Rolled Steel Portal Frame Buildings

Our Miracle Portal buildings are traditional portal frame buildings made from hot rolled steel which can accommodate more complex designs and larger spans.

For more information on the difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel take a look at our blog “What’s the difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel buildings“.


A choice of single skin or insulated cladding is available along with a selection of doors, windows and accessories.  Mezzanine floors can also be added to maximise building space.

Our expert advisors are on hand to help you make an informed choice of the right building for your needs from the steel framed building models we offer :-