Steel Building Frame designed to suit site conditions

Industrial Steel buildings lead the way for sustainable construction An industrial steel building is an environmentally friendly choice. Less natural resources will be used in it’s manufacture (compared to a more traditional structure) and the steel building envelope, which consists of a steel frame and steel cladding, is widely recyclable. Quick and safe construction Steel […]

SUMMER 2014 : Miracle Span’s professional assembly team have recently built a 2 bay extension onto an existing portal frame building for plant hire company’s depot in central England. The extension is 9m wide x 6.67m high to eaves x 10m in length and incorporates 2 electrically operated roller shutter doors.  The structure includes single […]

                SPRING 2014 : Miracle Span’s professional assembly team travelled to Ascension Island to erect a steel portal frame structure to be used as a vehicle cover to shelter vehicles from the hot sun. The steel frame has a span of 25 metres x 5.5 metres to eaves […]

SPRING 2014 – Miracle Span supplied and erected a portal frame building as an extension to an existing building for a building supplies company based in Uxbridge,  West London. The hot rolled steel structure formed the second storey of the building which had a brick built ground floor.  The end result was a new building […]

SPRING 2014 Miracle Span supplied a lightweight portal frame building from our MiracleLite range for a water & energy company based in South West England. The building is used to house waste water treatment plant.   Here’s an overview of the main features of the building:- The dimensions are 8.1 metres wide x 5 metres […]

As with all industries, suppliers of portal frame steel buildings have their own jargon. So, if you need clarification of the terms used in your quote here’s a quick explanation :- Building Width : the measurement from one side of the building (at the gable end) to the other (usually taken from the outer edge […]

Steel Building Frame designed to suit site conditions

Steel building Design – When buying a steel building one size definitely doesn’t suit all! Steel buildings must be designed to suit a particular site.  Various critical factors must be taken into account to ensure buildings meet current European standards for steel buildings. These factors include :- The average wind speeds & snow loadings of […]

Steel Framed Buildings & Fire Regulations UK Building Regulations require steel framed buildings to maintain structural stability when exposed to fire. Regulations vary between UK Countries but generally a steel framed building is required to retain its load bearing capacity for a reasonable time to allow occupants of the building to escape. The regulations vary […]

MiracleLite Engineering Workshop for Eurac Group

Steel buildings & changes in Building Regulations 2014 New steel buildings are subject to changes in Part L2A Building Regulations that came into effect on 6th April 2014.  The regulations introduce further measures to conserve fuel and power. Improvements in CO2 Emissions CO2 emissions for new buildings (other than dwellings) are required to be further […]